Be the reason behind the screams this October

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction

Open 8pm - 12am Fridays and Saturdays through Halloween


Featuring Three Haunted Houses

Circle of Ash 

Try to make it through the indoor haunted house of your nightmares, where everything is wrong, there are real things making those creaks, and looking under the bed might just be deadly.

Frightmare Forest 

Iowa's scariest haunted trail though the woods; come meet our monsters. They will happily terrorize you if you don't run away from them screaming first. And featuring an all new zombie containment zone, we doubt there will be any survivors.

Find your way out of Socko's "Fun" House 

Bendy, Bobo, and the rest never makes it easy. Socko's Fun House is a real maze, filled with fog, strobes, lasers and more. It's meant to disorient, disturb and confuse even the surest haunted house navigator, did we mention we locked all of our clowns in there?

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We're taking the pandemic dead serious. And we promise we will be Scary Safe.

Wait in your car!

Virtual Queue Lines

We will be using Virtual Queue Lines this year! You will be check into our virtual queue line at the gate, we will text you when it's your turn.

COVID-19 Rules

Wear a Mask!

Face Coverings are REQUIRED

We ask that all customers wear a face covering while going through our attractions. Face shields are acceptable.

Covid-19 Rules

Scary Clean!

We will squeeky be clean

Haunted houses maybe don't have the best reputation for cleanliness. We promise all high touch surfaces will be cleaned every hour.

COVID-19 Rules

Come Find Us

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction is located at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City, Iowa. 

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Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction
201 Central City Rd
Central City, IA 52214

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About us...

Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction has been delivering thrills for nearly 20 years. We are the only haunt you can go through as many times as you can stomach at no extra cost. With a staff of over 40 actors you can be sure there will always be another scare right around the corner.

Discover Our History

Over the past 19 years Circle of Ash has been a staple of the Haunted Attraction community throughout the midwest. Discover our roots...

Get Involved

What makes Circle of Ash the best haunted house in Iowa is our Volunteer team. Learn how you can get involved with us now!

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